Gliding - 2 hour flight

From NZD $1,100.00
  • Duration: 1 Days
  • Location: Omarama, South Canterbury
2 hours gives us more time to explore the Southern Alps and
do what this high performance machine was made for. Stretch its legs and go
far! This could be a flight into the Mount Cook or Mount Aspiring National Parks.
Flights into Southland and Otago have also been flown in the past. Talk to your
pilot about what he thinks can be done on the day.

As with the 1 hour flight, you are welcome to try your hand
at flying the glider under the watchful eye of your pilot.

Things to know:

Most days are flyable but as gliding is weather dependent there
are limits to what we can do safely. Your pilot will keep you informed of what
is best for the day given the current weather conditions. Don’t be put off by
strong wind forecasts as we like wind for good wave flying and are often
flying when other air activities are not. Calmer days with good thermal
conditions are also what we love. Always make contact the day before in the
evening to see how the following day is shaping up regards the latest weather

In gliding, we circle a lot to climb in the lift. If you suffer from motion sickness  

or think you might struggle with this on a glider flight, we would recommend 

you take travel sickness tablets before you fly. We want you looking at the 

scenery, not the bottom of a sick bag!

You can extend your flight time if you wish, subject to
availability. Ask your pilot.

Please turn up 30 minutes before your trip so we can prepare
you for your flight experience.

Maximum weight is 105kg. Minimum age is normally 12 years
old. Feel free to contact us.